Meet Evangelist Wendy Evans

God gave Wendy Evans the vision, the desire and the gifts and the talent necessary to create WIN International Ministries!
WIN International ministry has been created to teach the word of God in easy to understand language.Through WIN International Ministries teaching of God's Holy Word, God's word can help transform the cultural and spiritual barriers that prohibit the prospering of God's people because of lack of knowledge.
When lack of knowledge exists what God has can't show up! 
God's word reveals God's knowledge! God's knowledge changes things! 
Evangelist Wendy Evans has acquired knowledge from God that can help change things!
Additionally, Evangelist Wendy Evans studies the word of God frequently and God orchestrates divine connections,divine protocols,and divine revelations so that revelation knowledge can be obtained that changes things! 
God has allowed Bishop T.D.Jakes in Wendy Evans's pathway as her mentor,her friend, and her brother. Bishop Jakes has imparted into Evangelist Wendy Evans his spiritual DNA,his wisdom,and his insight.
Additional mentors to Wendy Evans include Rev. Billy Graham,Mike Murdock,Joel Osteen and Jack Canfield!
Holding a degree in Ministry in Biblical Counseling and graduating at the top of her class with honors,and being ordained as an Evangelist, Wendy Evans is an anointed author, speaker, and powerful writer!
She has been hand picked by God and gifted by God for such a time as this!   
Follow our ministry and gain the knowledge you need to thrive! God wants you to thrive! God wants you to read and study His word! Get what God has for you, purchase our ebooks, follow us on twitter, read our blogs and stay tuned for products and services that will help you thrive! 
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